Our Quality

In order to be a leader in the field of patient health;

To maintain the satisfaction of our patients and their relatives at the highest level,

In line with the latest technological developments, to improve the quality of employees with training, to adapt them to the service provided and to ensure employee satisfaction,

Total Quality Management philosophy and continuous development,

Sensitive to a healthy environment

Providing health services in accordance with legal regulations

Our quality policy is for a company to adopt this principle.

Our mission and vision

Our mission

We are in healthcare and education.

For our patients: One of the basic human rights is reliability and rapid health

To deliver by merging with our belief in quality by adhering to medical and ethical rules.

For our adjunct physicians: Training specialized physicians equipped with the basic skills that have gained the importance of social communication and scientific research in human relationships with contemporary education.

For our community: Easily accessible according to national health policies and specific strategies,

We are here to provide effective and effective healthcare.

Our vision

Our hospital provides a high-quality and more reliable healthcare service in the capital and the country by providing world-class healthcare services that have a structure that meets the needs of patients and employees according to the requirements of the times, as well as training entrepreneurs, researchers and specialists with leadership skills in their fields, and uses fast innovative technologies. And that our hospital be a center where scientific studies are conducted on a global level, and provided with more trained staff.