Head Doctor


Nearly 60 years of history and experience, and with a highly qualified team, we strive to be with full force and persistence and with a pioneering design of health innovations, with an understanding aimed at continuous improvement, using the methods of continuing education, measurement and improvement, in an attempt to maintain all patient satisfaction And the staff at the highest level in our country.
We are a hospital that takes its strength from the dedication and heart of its employees. Within the scope of the “Health Transformation” project implemented by the Ministry of Health, it was implemented for the first time in our hospital in many applications, and our hospital succeeded in achieving the advantage of being a research teaching hospital

Our main goal is to increase the satisfaction of our people by providing a respectable, honest, reliable, friendly, high-quality and easy-to-reach health service by using the principle of "human first" without prejudice to the ethics of conscience and principles while using modern technology and current information. Together, we are strong and determined to overcome the material and moral difficulties we face on this path.
I would like to thank all my friends who have worked with dedication to the level we have reached and a better future in this way, and I wish our dear citizens, who are honored to provide health services, to enjoy healthy days in the name of all our employees.