Our History


The Ankara Education and Research Hospital of the Ministry of Health was established in 1957 as a hospital of the Ministry of Health in Ankara. Our hospital was built in 1954 under the supervision of German and French engineers, and the French architect Jean Voulter sketched the hospital project. He was put into service with a capacity of 120 beds, initially 4 services and one nurse. The Jibji Health College, which contains it, moved to an additional building in our hospital park in 1986. outpatient clinic, nurses housing, etc. The clinic renovation work is being restructured and modernized with various projects catering to the growing needs. The total number of employees is 1968 (including temporary employees) and with the Health Commission, it provides 46 clinical services in 31 different branches. Every year, about one million outpatient clinics are performed, approximately 25,000 inpatients, and over 15,000 surgeries. Outpatient services are also provided at Hussein Ghazi, Winnimahle, Ulse and Basilivler-Press clinics. Since our hospital is the last hospital established in Ankara and the Ministry of Health, it has the highest capacity of clinic. Since the main building was insufficient for this service, a 3-storey multi-storey building was built in the hospital garden in 1988. The building, which was previously used as a nursing shelter in the hospital garden, was restored in 2000 and equipped as a biochemical and hematological laboratory. Central microbiology and blood bank.


General Information
Construction date: 1954
Number of pieces: 7
Land area: 59,409
Closed area: 49410.4
Session space: 14542
Amount of beds available: 468
Bed occupancy rate (2017 statistics): 86.7%
Closed area per bed: 105.6
Operating rooms / operating table number: 21/21
Clinic rooms: 245
Number of emergency rooms / Number of emergency beds: 13/48
Intensive Care Rooms / Intensive Care Beds: 8/89
Dialysis unit closed area (m2) / dialysis machines: 480/11
Number of rooms burning center / number of beds burning center: 6
Number of incubator rooms / Number of family incubators: 1/11
Number of eligible rooms / number of eligible families: 130/233